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Kevin Massie
Chief Adjudicator |

Kevin is a graduate of Trent University with a degree in History and Political Science. He is currently a student at Queen’s University Faculty of Law, graduating in April of 2006 after which he is scheduled to join one of Western Canada’s leading corporate/commercial law firms as an articling student.

Kevin is a former President of the Canadian Universities Society for Intercollegiate Debate. He was named CUSID’s top speaker at the national championships in 2003 at Dalhousie University, and then won the title again the following year at McGill.

Kevin was a World Universities Debating Championship quarter-finalist in 2003 in Stellenbosch South Africa, and a semi-finalist in 2004 in Singapore. He served as a Deputy Chief Adjudicator for the World Universities Debating Championship in 2005 in Malaysia and was a grand final round adjudicator in 2006 in Dublin.

Teddy Harrison
Convenor |

Teddy Harrison is a two time president of the UBC Debating Society, having become the youngest person in the memory of the club to be elected to the position. He is currently in the process of completing an Honours Undergraduate Arts Degree for which UBC has bestowed upon him the prestigious Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student or students who show both superb academic skills as well as proven leadership abilities that can make real and substantial impact on the life of the entire university community.

Through his work with the UBC Debating Society, Teddy has more than doubled the membership of the club, and significantly increased both the profile of the club on campus and internationally.

Teddy has also been successful in debating, winning numerous tournaments in Western Canada, and most recently winning the McGill North American Invitational tournament in Montreal.

Miranda Weigler
Deputy Convenor |

Miranda completed her undergraduate studies at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, where she was also the Director of the Scottish National Debate Association. After finishing her studies she took a job as director of the speech and debate program at Colgate University in upstate New York. In this position, she oversees the debate program, the Model United Nations team, and the Mock Trial association. In her time in this position she has completely overhauled the Colgate debate program, increasing both their membership and their international success. Miranda will be leaving Colgate University at the end of this year to join us full time in Vancouver during the lead up to the tournament.

Kaylan Nelson
Finance Director |

Kaylan completed her Honours Economics Degree at Queen’s University, following which she began her studies at UBC law. She has served on the organizing committee’s of numerous tournaments including the UBC High School tournament which is the largest annual debating tournament in Canada. She has also done finance and logistics for number of other large tournaments including the Chancellor’s Cup at Queen’s University and the North American Championships 2004, also held at Queen’s University.

Kaylan competed at the World Universities Championships in 2005 in Malaysia and then again this year in Dublin. She is a finalist at the Lord Hugill Cup tournament held at the University of Alberta.

Joanna Nairn
Women's _ Equity O
fficer |

Joanna is currently completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto with plans to go on to study law. She is currently serving as the president of the University of Toronto Debating Society.

She has served on the organizing committee for a number of large tournaments including the North American Championships held this year at the University of Toronto. She has also been asked to serve as the Deputy Chief Adjudicator at the 2008 round of the World Universities Debating Championships to be held at Assumption University in Thailand. Joanna was a finalist at the World Universities Debating Championship in 2005 in Malaysia, and then won the tournament in 2006 in Dublin

Alex Deane
Deputy Chief Adjudi
cator |

Alex won the World Universities Debating Championships in 2004 at Singapore. He has won fourteentournaments as well as judging on dozens of finals panels. He is presently a Pupil Barrister in London.

Derek Lande
Deputy Chief Adjudicator |

Derek is currently finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Cork in Ireland. He is a World Universities Debating Championship quarter-finalist and the 3 rd place speaker. He has won over 11 intervarsity competitions, and served as the convenor for the European Championships. He is also serving as this year’s Deputy Chief Adjudicator at the European Championships in Berlin.

Tim Sonnreich
Deputy Chief Adjudicator |

Tim is a former World Universities Debating Championships finalist when the tournament was held in Stellenbosch in 2003. Tim is also a three time winner of the Australasian Debating Championships. Tim has also taught extensive debate seminars in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan.

Tim completed his studies at Monash University where he was a founding editor of the Monash Debate Review, and internationally distributed debate magazine. He is also one of the founders of “Free Debate” a non-profit organization that attempts to bring debate to disadvantaged communities. At present, “Free Debate” is working with immigrant and refugee communities in Australia to give them the skills they need to integrate into society.

Wayne Chu
Tabs Director/Webmaster |

Wayne is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Toronto, after having completed an MA at Toronto and a Bachelor of Computer Science at Carleton University. In addition to serving two terms as the Vice President (Communications) at the Carleton University Debating Society, he was the Executive Director of CUSID for 2003/2004.

His tournament organizing experience includes serving as Tournament Director of the 2002 Central Canadian Championships, Tabs Director for the 2006 CUSID National Championships, as well as numerous Tournament Directing and Tabs Directing positions with intervarsity invitationals over the past six years.

Ashish Sinha
Logistics Director |


Jacqueline Bell
Socials Director |


Adam Davies
Tournament Director |


Kayla Dobko
Assistant Convenor |


Emma Ellison
Communications Director |


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